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Personal project: another great result of all this experience

Hello again! Our time in Zagreb is coming to an end. Several months ago, in the mid-term meeting in Serbia, an idea came in to our heads: making a personal project. Thanks to the help of the trainers and other volunteers, we came to the conclusion of making some kind of tool in order to help other volunteers.

During the quarantine, we started to make it real. It took time to design and shape the idea of what we wanted to do. Finally, we tried to think about our experience, the good and the not-so-good. In this way, we could share our new knowledge and experiences with the people who are coming after us. So this is the result: a guide for the following Slava Raškaj’s volunteers, where we share hints and advises, resources and useful info.

This guide is completely made by us, which means we wrote, draw, edited and designed everything within it.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did writing it, and hopefully this resource will be helpful for others.

Hvala 🙂

You can read and download the guide by clicking on this link:

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